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Karen was immersed in tax for over 20 years — working in a busy accountancy practice in Sydney before becoming the Tax Fairy. She is a Registered Tax Agent, an Associate of the Taxation Institute of Australia and a Justice of the Peace.

Her clients come to her from all walks of life and from a diverse range of occupations and industries, including:

In her experience clients seem to fall into roughly 2 categories:

Those who send in their work before the deadline, either as spreadsheets, a shoebox or folder full of papers or those who would rather have root canal therapy than even think of sorting out their papers and seeing their accountant.

Before and after

Above: Before and after Tinkerbell’s magic. That tall stack of boxes, containing more than eight years of documents and files, was transformed into these beautifully organised financial records.

Many of the latter are either too stretched for time, or are so phobic that they won’t open their mail if it looks like a bank statement or a bill. This then becomes a compounding problem, they become late for their tax deadline, they incur fines, they fret and they run away. Often it’s only when a client needs to borrow money or they get a stern letter from the Tax Office, that they come to their accountant to have prior years returns completed. By the time they manage to get their working papers to their tax professional, they are in such a shambles that the accountant is obliged to bill for the extra time it has taken to sort things out, before even commencing the return.