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What do you need from Tinkerbell at the initial meeting?

The meeting will be an exchange of information. If there are any relevant tax or accountancy papers which would help that process along, please bring them with you. If you’re already in business, a copy of your latest accounts would be useful.

Will I be charged for an initial meeting?

Usually no — Tink is happy to make the initial meeting free of charge, and this meeting will typically last for an hour. However, if it looks like you will need more time there may be a charge which will be discussed and agreed in advance.

What are Tink’s fees and how will they be charged?

Tinkerbell charges on a ‘time-cost’ basis. That means she has hourly rates. Invoices for work done are generally sent at the conclusion of a project but may also be raised periodically in the case of ongoing work. For certain types of work it’s possible to agree on a set fee in advance but Tink’s fees are very reasonable and represent great value for money.

Can I have regular telephone/email contact when I need assistance?

Yes — Tinkerbell encourages clients to contact her whenever they need her, either by telephone or email.