Tinkerbell's Testimonials
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Here are some of things Tink’s clients are saying about her services.

Karen came on board to organise our accounts and insure they were compliant — she inherited a fairly messy history of record keeping, and quickly sorted it out into data that was meaningful and useful to my company. Karen has maintained our accounts each month, produced BAS and PAYGW statements and provided advice to a very high standard ever since. I am very happy with her services and highly recommend her as she is consistently knowledgeable, efficient and a pleasure to work with.

— David Perks, Managing Director, Within Reach Software Pty Ltd

I have always had an aversion to anything to do with taxation and accounts and along with a very demanding career before I knew it I was 8 years behind in my income tax returns. I was heading overseas for an undisclosed period of time and l had to be sorted out before I left. It seemed like nothing short of a miracle could help me sort out the tax mess I had got myself into! A friend of mine recommended Karen Burgess and she was the miracle I had asked for. In less than 3 weeks she transformed my tax mess into tax sense and we have the photos to prove it. Her professionalism, dedication and invaluable advice saved me from years of anxiety and got me a return I could only dream of. Karen is a wonderful person and a genuine fairy, in spirit and nature and I highly recommend her services.

— Dei, Creative Director/Director